Stamp Show

WESTPEX Guest Society Policy

WESTPEX encourages philatelic groups to hold meetings in conjunction with our stamp show.  Local, regional or national meetings will be accommodated as long as space is available. Space is limited, so groups wishing to meet at WESTPEX are encouraged to make a reservation as soon as possible.

Most years WESTPEX has been pleased to feature two or more guest societies as major participants in our stamp show. Featured societies are chosen from among those groups that have asked to hold a major meeting at WESTPEX.  The Board and each group enter into an agreement generally as follows:

WESTPEX provides:

  • WESTPEX web site advertising space for the society's meeting with linkage to the society's web site.
  • Listing of the society's meetings and exhibition in the Prospectus and in brochures/fliers.
  • Priority meeting space for the society.
  • Space for a feature article on the society or specialty in the Show Program.
  • An initial exhibit frame allotment (this reserved allotment has a cutoff that expires 30 days prior to the deadline for general exhibitors).
  • Signage and table for the society. Two free passes to WESTPEX are included.
  • A survey to our dealers and indications on their program listing as to who carries material of interest to the society.
  • A jury that is competent in the field/specialty of the society (suggestions welcome no later than the WESTPEX of the year prior to being a featured society).
  • The Featured Society provides:
  • A liaison to work with the WESTPEX Committee and the liaison's contact details.
  • Society web site advertising for the WESTPEX meeting with linkage to the WESTPEX web site at www.westpex.org. The society should be prepared to provide a logo and website and email contact information to the WESTPEX Webmaster.
  • Timely meeting space requests, and at least one seminar or presentation that is open to the public.
  • [Optional] Advertising and/or feature article for the Show Program.
  • Advertising in the society's journal for the meeting and exhibition at WESTPEX.
  • Commitment and good faith effort to fill the agreed allotment of exhibit frames by the cutoff date.  The allotment is generally agreed upon between 35 and 80 frames.  Extra frame requests will be given special consideration provided they are made by the cutoff date.  After the cutoff date, subsequent requests will be considered along with general exhibitors.  Substantial shortfall in the number of frames actually taken up against the commitment may revoke the special status and benefits provided by WESTPEX.
  • A copy of the Program and Palmares from the last WSP show featuring the society.
  • Suggestions for specialist dealers to be invited to WESTPEX no later than October 15 of the year prior to the year of being a featured society.  Dealer space at WESTPEX is limited and subject to our pre-existing waiting list.
  • Suggestions for jury members to be invited to WESTPEX (suggestions must be received no later than the WESTPEX of the year prior to being a featured society).
  • Special awards as warranted by the number and quality of exhibits. NOTE:  Special awards are not a requirement for participation, but it is strongly suggested that special awards make a special exhibition that much more special. If society awards are made available, they must be part of the WESTPEX Palmares process.  No separate award ceremonies are permitted.
  • Generally only two or three societies are invited to be the WESTPEX Featured Societies for any one year, and generally WESTPEX does not invite any society that has been featured in the prior seven years.

After a society has been chosen, the society must select a representative to work with the WESTPEX Committee to ensure that expectations are met on both sides. Our preference is to have a liaison with access to email for ease of communication at minimal cost.

An example of the usual timeline followed by the WESTPEX Board to select a society for 2014:

  • MAY 2011: Review requests from societies wishing to meet at WESTPEX in April 2014.
  • SEPT 2011: Confirm choice with the society selected by the Board. Place society's name and date of meeting and linkage on the WESTPEX web site.
  • SEPT 2013: Begin distribution of WESTPEX Committee minutes to society's representative and invite society's representative to WESTPEX Committee meetings.

WESTPEX Contacts (see roster or web site www.WESTPEX.com for current contact details):

Featured Society Application and general questions

Society Liaison

Frame Allotment and questions on Prospectus/Exhibits

Exhibit Chair

Specialty or Society Awards (encouraged, not required)

Awards Chair

Meeting Space

Society Liaiason

Table Space for Society promotional activities

Society Liaison

Invited Dealers

Bourse Chair

Program advertising and/or featured article in Program

Program Editor

Changes in contact details for representative

Society Liaison

Web Site requirements, society logo and related questions

Web Master

The Application Form will provide guidance for the society's representative in providing the above information.