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WESTPEX, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation.  Its main purpose is to extend and enrich the pursuit of knowledge and enjoyment of all aspects of stamp collecting and postal history for public benefit.

The specific purposes of WESTPEX are to: (1) promote philately as a hobby to  the public, with particular focus in Northern California; (2) propagate  philatelic knowledge and research to the public; and (3) support similar  activities by other corporations or organizations in California, the United  States, or the world in the dissemination of philatelic knowledge,  literature, ideas, and techniques.

To achieve its purposes, WESTPEX shall: (1) promote, organize and hold  public philatelic exhibitions and/or philatelic displays including the history and development of postal systems, customs and stamp duty systems, and transportation systems, as well as thematic displays covering a wide range of educational and cultural topics; (2) invite and sponsor educational  displays by individuals, philatelic societies, postal administrations or other entities; (3) provide docent-led guided public tours of such  philatelic exhibits or displays; (4) publish information, articles or books which propagate philatelic knowledge and research; (5) provide public meeting space for philatelic society seminars and meetings; (6) provide youth programs to teach young people history and geography, using philately as a medium; (7) extend support to other organizations promoting philately and postal history; and (8) do any other activities to promote  philately in a manner not inconsistent with its character as a public benefit nonprofit corporation.

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APS/APRL Jenny Exhibit

In 2004 WESTPEX committee person and Director Leonard Holmsten revamped the APS/APRL Jenny exhibit.

The new exhibit was first shown at WESTPEX 2004.  Since then it has been viewed at many stamp shows.


Joseph Schwartz, WESTPEX committee, in front of the new APS/APRL Jenny exhibit.

WESTPEX and Youth Philately

Besides supporting Youth Philately at the annual WESTPEX Stamp Show, WESTPEX supports the annual AAPE Youth Championship.   In 2009 WESTPEX donated the Youth Champion of Champions award, the Youth Reserve Champion award, WESTPEX Write-up Award, the WESTPEX Flora and Fauna Award, the WESTPEX Award of Excellence, and the WESTPEX Judge's Choice.

American Philatelic Society

WESTPEX is a donor to the APS.

Western Philatelic Library

Locally WESTPEX donates funds for the binding of periodicals.  The library is located in Sunnyvale, CA.

WESTPEX DONATIONS for 2000 through 2011 for a total of $60,390


  • $1250 AAPE Youth Championships awards
  • $300 San Francisco Bay Area Bosy Scout Merit Badge program
  • $2,000 Friends of the Western Philatelic Library matching fund pledge for binding

October 2010

  • $2,000 Friends of the Western Philatelic Library matching fund pledge for binding
  • $200 Stamps "R" Us matching fund pledge Sequoia Stamp Club
  • $300 Bay Area Boy Scout Merit Badge program
  • $1,250 American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors Youth Awards program

June 2010

  • $2,640 FWPL bookbinding program matching funds

October 2009

  • $750 AAPE Youth Awards
  • $200 Stamps "R" Us program Sequoia Stamp Club

October 2008

  • $500 AAPE Youth Awards
  • $4,250 Nor. Cal. Council frame boxes
  • $500 FWPL book plates and binding in memory of Leonard Holmsten
  • $650Youth Stamp Collectors at WESTPEX 2009

March 2008

  • $3,000 FWPL bookbinding

October 2007

  • $25,000 American Philatelic Society (includes 2006 Tiffany Dinner donations)
  • $300 AAPE Youth Awards
  • $1,400 FWPL matching fund pledge, increased in 2008 to $3,000
  • $650 Youth Stamp Collectors at WESTPEX 2008

January 2007

  • $4,000 Nor. Cal. Council frames
  • $1,300 Filatelic Fiesta frames

October 2006

  • $200 AAPE Youth Awards
  • $1,500 FWPL bookbinding program
  • $550 Youth Stamp Collectors at WESTPEX 2007

May 2006

  • $8,650 American Philatelic Society Tiffany Dinner donations (included in the gift to the APS in 2007, as part of a pledge of $25,000 for their building fund)

September 2005

  • $300 AAPE Youth Awards
  • $500 FWPL
  • $500 Youth Stamp Collectors at WESTPEX 2006

September 2004

  • $250 AAPE Youth Awards
  • $500 FWPL
  • $500 Youth Stamp Collectors at WESTPEX 2005

September 2003

  • $500 Youth Stamp Collectors at WESTPEX 2004
  • $1,000 American Philatelic Center (included in the $25,000 total listed in 2007)
  • $500 donation to "WASHINGTON 2006" ((total $1,000, $500 from 2001)

August 2003

  • $500 FWPL bookbinding program

September 2002

  • $500 Youth Stamp Collectors at WESTPEX 2003
  • $250 AAPE Youth Awards

November 2001

  • $500 donation to "WASHINGTON 2006"
  • $500 Youth Stamp Collectors at WESTPEX 2002

May 2001

  • $500 FWPL bookbinding and book plates in memory of Cy Thompson

September 2000

  • $500 Youth Stamp Collectors at WESTPEX 2001

March 2000

  • $250 FWPL in memory of Suse and Fred Justh


Summary 2000-2010

  • $25,000 American Philatelic Society
  • $11,890 Friends of the Western Philatelic Library
  • $9,550 Nor. Cal. Council and Filatelic Fiesta Frames and Box
  • $4,850 Youth Stamp Collectors
  • $3,850 American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors Youth Awards
  • $1,000 "WASHINGTON 2006"
  • $400 Stamps "R" Us Youth Program
  • $300 Boy Scout Merit Badge Program


Mae and Frank Vignola Service Award

Organizations, such as ours, have the good fortune to have volunteers who gladly and willingly give their time and energy to something they love and enjoy. Such was the case with Mae and Frank Vignola and WESTPEX. Their many years of dedication to WESTPEX as  committee members was just as strong as their devotion to their stamp collecting interests, Guatemala in the case of Mae and Nepal for Frank.

When Mae passed away, Frank established an award in the name of Mae, to be given to a WESTPEX committee member for outstanding service and commitment to WESTPEX and its annual exhibition and show. When Frank passed away shortly after, Mae and Frank's son, Frank Jr., asked that the outstanding service award continue in both their names.

The recipient is chosen by a panel selected by the current chairman. Specifically excluded from consideration are the chairman, vice chairman, and any honorary directors. The annual WESTPEX show awards banquet has been chosen as the time for the presentation. This allows the show's visitors, as well as committee members to acknowledge the recipient/s.

                  List of Honorees

                • 2005 Roger Skinner
                • 2006 Leonard Holmsten
                • 2007 Nestor Nunez
                • 2008 William Pratt
                • 2009 Edie and Dale Eggen
                • 2010 Dennis Hassler
                • 2011 Gary and Nancy Jensen
                • 2012 Jean Mehan
                • 2013 Jaime Marckwordt
                • 2014 Daryl Reiber
                • 2015 Eduardo Martino
                • 2016 Marci & Bob Jarvis
                • 2017 Ed Laveroni