Stamp Show

The show theme for WESTPEX 2006 was commemorating the 100th anniversary of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake.  Information on the show post cards can be found here

Ribbon cutting to open WESTPEX2006

WESTPEX 2006 Awards List


WESTPEX Grand Award and Gold Medal
'From Hill To Bickerdike' ... The Victorian-era Experimental Machine Postmarks of England .. 1857-1901
Jerry H. Miller
Friends of WESTPEX Award - Best British Commonwealth
Postal History Society Medal - Best Postal History

Collectors Club of San Francisco Reserve Grand and Gold Medal
Switzerland. The Sitting Helvetia Issue 1862-1883
Ralph Soderberg
Pacific Trophy - Best Traditional Exhibit
American Helvetia Philatelic Society - Felix Ganz Memorial Grand Award

Gold Medal

The Usage of Switzerland's Imperforate Sitting Helvetia Issue of 1854-1863
Steve P. Turchik
American Helvetia Philatelic Society - Gold Medal

Development of Swiss Airmail to 1930
George Struble

U.S. Navy Mail in the 19th Century
Robert D. Rawlins

Swiss Stampless Mail
Leonard Holmsten
American Helvetia Philatelic Society - Bronze Medal

Official Seals of Great Britain
Jim Kotanchik
American Philatelic Society Research Medal

Great Britain Pre-decimal Machin Definitives 1967 - 1971
Tony Walker
Great Britain Collectors Club - The Tom Current GBCC Founder's Award
American Philatelic Society Award of Excellence: 1940 - 1980

Switzerland's Domestic and International Postage Due Charges During 1862-1907
Harlan F. Stone
American Philatelic Congress - Excellence of Written Text
American Helvetia Philatelic Society - Silver Medal

The Graf Zeppelin LZ127 - Europa - Pan-American Flight
Gerhard S. Wolff
San Francisco Pacific Philatelic Society - Margaret Munda Memorial Award of Merit
American Philatelic Society Award of Excellence: 1900 - 1940
California Collectors Club Award for Best 20th Century
American Air Mail Society - Best Air Mail
German Philatelic Society - Gold Award

Postal Rates During The Chinese National Currency Era
H. James Maxwell
Michael Rogers Award - Best Asian

Great Britain King George V Photogravure Issue 1934-36
Donald R. Hines
SESCAL Award of Merit

Early Western Postal Trails and Routes
George Jay Kramer
U.S. Philatelic Classics Society - Best U.S. up to 1894

The One Penny Perforated Stars of Great Britain
Timothy Bryan Burgess
American Philatelic Society Award of Excellence: Pre 1900
Donald Dretzke Memorial Award - Best Used Stamps

Van Diemen's Land Pre-adhesive Postal Markings 1822-1853
David McNamee

Canada - Cameo Definitive Issues
John Arn
British North America Philatelic Society - Best BNA Exhibit

Portland - Northwest Mail Center
Dale Forster

Colombia Private Carriers
Alfredo Frohlich
COLOMPHIL - Outstanding Research & Investigation of any Collection

The Aerogrammes of Iceland
Jerome V. V. Kasper
Al Van Dahl Memorial Award - Best Scandinavia
United Postal Stationery Society Marcus White Medal - Best Postal Stationery

Vermeil Medal

Peru: 1858 – 1873 Study of the definitive stamps of the classic period
Henry Marquez

Swiss Fondue - The Story of Swiss Philately
Bruce Marsden

Gold Rush Days
Dennis Hassler

Zeppelin: LZ127 and LZ129 Flight Originations
Dr. Arthur K. M. Woo
German Philatelic Society - Bronze Award

Switzerland: Safe Haven For Civilian Refugees And Military Internees During The Nazi Era
Ernest L. Bergman

Railroad Postmarks of the Trans-siberian Railroad Chelyabinsk to Chita
Dr. Ed Laveroni
ROSSICA Best Russian Exhibit

British Airmail to Africa and Asia, 1931-1952
Thomas P. Myers

Companhia de Moçambique. A Study of Registration Designations
Clyde J. Homen
Jewels of the Pacific Merit Award (San Diego Exhibiting Workshop) - Felicitations of the Jury

The Boston Post Office and the Evolution of Machine Cancellation
Wm. P. Barlow, Jr.
US Cancellation Club – Charles D. Root Memorial Award

DeCoppet Razor Cancels of Switerland
Roger Heath
American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors: Award of Honor

Plate Flaws of the First Berlin Building Series
Stuart Berkowitz
German Philatelic Society - Silver Award

Washington-Franklin 1-cent Postal History 1908-1923
Gerald Farrelly

Internal Mail in Colonial Colombia
Dieter Bortfeldt

Colombia Official Cubiertas
Santiago Cruz

Canada, 1927 Confederation Anniversary Issue
John P. Wynns

Tolima State of Colombia: Insured Letter Stamps 1879-1896
Gian Marco Caruso

Silver Medal

City of Bath (U.K.) Postal Development to 1840
Tom Current

U.K.Transatlantic Mail 1939-1953.The 1s3d (15d) rate with multiples and variations
David A. Cooper, Sr.

Swiss Internment Camp Mail - World War II
Robert T. Kinsley

Silver Bronze Medal

Postal History of Papermaking in the U.S. 1851-1922
Al Valente

Bronze Medal

Microprinting On Modern United States Stamps
George W. Bowman
American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors: Award of Honor

Single Frame

Gold Medal

Price Circulars From Great Britain to Denmark, 1840-UPU
Mark Lorentzen
Scandinavian Collectors Club Award

Switzerland's Postal Reply Cards in the International Mails 1879-1905
Harlan F. Stone
American Helvetia Philatelic Society - Best Single Frame Exhibit

Letters from Great Britain to Denmark, 1840 - UPU
Mark Lorentzen

Vermeil Medal

Revenue Stamps of the Canton of Graubunden
Donn Lueck

The Olympic Jubilee - Lausanne 1944
Andrew Urushima

Silver Medal

Free Franks - Their use and abuse in the British Post Office prior to Postal Reform
Dave Russum