Stamp Show

The WESTPEX 2011 jury was

James (Jamie) P. Gough (Chairman) - 19th Century-British Commonwealth-France & Colonies-Latin America-Postal History

Joseph F. Frasch, Jr. - Single Frame-Thematics-United States-U.S. Back of the Book-U.S. Revenues

Thomas Lera - Central America-Confederate States-Postal History-South America-Thematics

Dr. Roger G. Schnell - Aerophilately-Latin America-Postal HIstory-Postal Stationery-Scandinavia

Stephen S. Washburne - Europe-Portugal-Postal History-Postal Stationery-Single Frame


WESTPEX 2011 Awards

WESTPEX Grand Award and Gold
The First Issues of Costa Rica
Dr. Arthur K. M. Woo

Chairman's Award - Best Traditional Exhibit

Collectors Club of San Francisco - Reserve Grand Award and Gold
Confederate States of America, the Lithographed General Issues, Stamps and Usages
Leonard Hartmann

American Philatelic Society Research Medal

WESTPEX Grand Award - Single Frame Exhibit and Gold
Florida Confederate Provisional Usages
Deane R. Briggs, M.D.


U.S. Classic Stamps 1847 to 1869 The First Three General Issues
Ken Gilbart

United States Stamp Society - Statue of Freedom Award

Artist's Drawings, Essays, and Proofs of the 1948 Doar Ivri Issue of Israel
Robert B. Pildes

American Philatelic Society Award of Excellence: 1940 - 1980

FORERUNNERS - The Philatelic Truck & Souvenir Sheet
Gregg A. Hopkins, Sr.

American Philatelic Congress - Excellence of Written Text

USS OREGON, Bulldog of the Fleet
Robert D. Rawlins

Britain's Marvelous Machins "The Principal Variety Branches of the Small Outline Printings"
Stephen McGill

American Philatelic Society Award of Excellence: Post 1980

Independent State and Confederate Mail of North Carolina 1861-65
Tony Crumbley

Colombia Prephilatelic Correspondence
Dieter Bortfeldt

Colombia’s Cartagena Provisional Civil War Issues – 1899-1902
Alfredo Frohlich

Colombia - The 1917 Perkins Issue
Santiago Cruz

California Collectors Club Award for Best 20th Century

Cancellations on Portuguese Stamps of the Classic Period (1853-1910)
Isabel Vieira

Donald Dretzke Memorial Award - Best Used Stamps

United States External Mail Routes: 1854-1875
Armando E. Grassi, MD

Postal History Society Medal - Best Postal History

Transatlantic Packet Mail Between the USA and France: 1840-1875
Steven Walske

Pacific Northwest Mail Options -- 1833-1870
Dale Forster

American Philatelic Society Award of Excellence: Pre 1900

The Progression Of The New York Foreign Mail Cancellation 1870–1878
Nicholas M. Kirke

U.S. Philatelic Classics Society - Best U.S. up to 1894
US Cancellation Club – US Cancellation Club Award

U.S. Internment Camp Mail in World War II
Louis Fiset

The Sun, Myth, Science, Effects, Culture
Anthony Wawrukiewicz

O'Neill Award - Best Thematic
American Topical Association - First Award

U.S.A. Postal Administration in Cuba (1895-1905)
Jack Thompson

SESCAL Award of Merit
Military Postal History Society - Best Military Postal History Exhibit

The First Four Decades of U.S. Rail Road Contract Mails
Hugh V. Feldman

Jewels of the Gilded Age (and Beyond): Bonds Bearing New York Mortgage Endorsement, Secured Debt and Investments Tax Stamps of 1911-20
Michael Mahler

Portugal in the First World War
Eduardo Barreiros

American Philatelic Society Award of Excellence: 1900 - 1940
International Society for Portuguese Philately - Best Multi-Frame Exhibit

Portuguese India, the early years 1798-1888
D. J. Davies

The 1910 Hahn Reprints of Chile: The Plan, Players, Process and Product
Carlos Vergara

COLOMPHIL - Outstanding Study of South & Central American Philately
American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors: Creativity Award

Presidentes with Legend "CHILE CORREOS"
William H. Lenarz

San Francisco Pacific Philatelic Society - Margaret Munda Memorial Award of Merit
American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors: Title Page Award

Provocative Prexie Postal History
Dickson Preston


A Trip To The Alps
Bruce Marsden

American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors: Award of Honor
American Topical Association - Second Award

Nepal - Registered Mail
Colin Hepper

Nepal and Tibet Philatelic Study Circle - Best Nepal, Tibet or Himalayan Exhibit

The Confederate States Navy
James L. D. Monroe

Mongolia 1880-1940
Dennis Hassler

Michael Rogers Award - Best Asian

The Postal Stationery of Mozambique Company
Ronald E. Strawser

United Postal Stationery Society Marcus White Medal - Best Postal Stationery

The Beacon Air Mail Stamp
William J. Snider

Revenue Stamped Paper of the Philippines
John M. Hunt

International Philippine Philatelic Society, Eugene A. Garrett Award - Best Philippines Exhibit


Confederate Faces
Frank P. Northcutt

Olympic Machine Cancels 1912-2004
Glenn Estus

On Course For Golf
Patricia Ann Loehr

Women Exhibitors - Sterling Achievement Award

Games of the Xth Olympiad, Los Angeles - 1932
Conrad Klinkner

Sports Philatelists International - Best in Show Multi-Frame Exhibit

Companhia de Mocambique: 1918-1937 Pictorial Issue
Clyde J. Homen

Soccer (Just for Kicks!)
Charles V. Covell, Jr.

American Topical Association - Third Award

Machine Vended Postage Labels of Germany (1981-2008)
Deepak Haritwal

The Movies -- A Philatelic Journey
Thomas Richards

Silver Bronze

The Road to London 2012
Robert Farley

CUBA: Center Sheet Blocks of the Republic 1926-1952
Dan Chaij

Single Frame


Men's Gymnastics: Dressed to Win
Mark C. Maestrone

American Topical Association - One Frame Award
Sports Philatelists International - Best in Show Single Frame Exhibit

Edged In Black - Mourning Covers In The Confederacy
Paul Bearer

German and Austrian Internees in the Acores (May 1916 - October 1919)
Roy C. Teixeira

Auxiliary Markings Merit Award
International Society for Portuguese Philately - Best Single Frame Exhibit


Oglethorpe County, Georgia Postal History, 1861-65
Doug Clark

Confederate State of America Texas Manuscript Town Cancels
Thomas Richards

Spoiled by War: The Games of the XIIth Olympiad
Andrew Urushima

Portugal's Vasco da Gama Issue of 1898
Nigel Moriarty

American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors: Award of Honor


Portuguese Africa Used Abroad
John K. Cross

American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors: Novice Award

The "Neto" Design of Portuguese India
Roger Lawson

The Beira Railroad
Clyde J. Homen

Silver Bronze

Lawn Bowling
Jim Leatherberry

Sports Philatelists International - Novice Award


What's a theme and why Sophie Tucker

Over the WESTPEX fifty year history, there's almost always been a show theme. Most years the theme wouldn't be obvious from exhibits, dealers or events. Themes mostly exist for display on show publicity and ephemera like cachets, the program cover and in recent years, on show announcement postcards. Some years, 2010 for example, are a notable exception. The WESTPEX 50th anniversary gave us a chance to celebrate the history and success of the show well beyond ephemera into a great exhibit and a book.

Most years, the WESTPEX theme is either local (little cable cars climbing halfway....) , historical, or both. In recent years, our greatest success with his approach was 2007 when we had some fun and celebrated a little known event (the 150th Anniversary of his arrest and release) of a famous but nearly forgotten San Francisco figure, Emperor Norton. The Emperor 'himself ' appeared at the ribbon cutting and the awards banquet.

That brings us to 2011 when our theme will celebrate San Francisco of 1911 and the gradual decline of the Barbary Coast through the first San Francisco appearance of a legendary entertainer, Sophie Tucker. Now it's true that Sophie Tucker wasn't a San Franciscan. In fact, she was born in Russia, raised in Connecticut and performed mostly on the East Coast after her years of touring the Vaudeville circuit. That said, she impressed San Francisco when she appeared here shortly after the immense success of the song Some of These Days (click on title to play the original cylinder recording) which was to become her trademark. During the tour she was arrested in Portland for singing the Grizzly Bear and other dance songs that originated in San Francisco . San Francisco also impressed her, according to her autobiography, as she was anxious to experience the legendary (but then faded) Barbary Coast. Most importantly, Sophie was a San Francisco kind of person - bigger than life, talented, funny, independent and determined.

To honor Sophie, who I understand will make an appearance at the show, we'll have two souvenir sheets for sale. Both are based on Scott PR 114, You can read more about how the design was created here and more about the Sophie theme at http://aerophilatelist.com.